Rated R - Running time: 2:25 - Released 10/17/97

Author's Note: This is one of the ten movie reviews I wrote for the October 30, 1997 issue of The Republican, the first week my reviews were ever published there. Because of space and time requirements, these ten reviews had to be especially brief, some even shorter than this Author's Note. Someday I will re-view them and re-review them so as to provide a more in-depth commentary, but for now you'll just have to live with the short version. Sorry. --JRM
Despite a wooden performance by Keanu Reeves, this is still a thoroughly enjoyable film for those who enjoy an intelligent horror flick. In the tradition of Psycho and The Shining, it is interspersed with short, subtle images that are not always readily understandable at first. The use of computer animation and amazing special effects lend unsettling credibility to the many portentious hallucinations seen by those who are meant to see them. And a stellar acting job by Charlize Theron as Reeves's wife puts the film over the top. Theron is truly tormented as she becomes aware of the evil world her lawyer husband has gotten himself into. Al Pacino is also quite intimidating, as usual, in the second film which allows him the opportunity to say the line, "I'm just getting warmed up!" He really means it this time. The sets and settings are beautiful in a sinister way, and interesting cinematographic devices like time-lapse photography give an eerie other-worldliness to New York City. An incredible special effects sequence at the end, coupled with multiple plot twists, elevate what could be a silly, Beetlejuice-type movie into something much more disturbing. ****
Copyright 1997 by John R. McEwen and The Republican

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